Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Check out this great website we came across today! There are many foster youth and forever families who could use a little help - not only during the holiday season. Search their database of wishes and see if you can help make a wish come true for a child in foster care!

Friday, December 23, 2011


We challenge you to watch this video without crying. Meredith's foster family suprises her by asking if they can be her forever family. It's beautiful!


Veronica's office has been taken over!

This year, we are so grateful to our corporate gift sponsors: Rochester Athletic Club and Rochester Institute of Technology.

While we are no longer accepting gifts for our youth, we appreciate donations that allow us to continue our mission in finding permanency for the youth who wait. Click here to help us help youth.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


(top row) Veronica, Kate, Pat, Mark, Lisa
(bottom row) Ilona, Melanie, David

Happy Holidays from Children Awaiting Parents! Above is a photo from our office party at Veronica's. We had great food, lots of laughs (we really like to laugh) and our annual white elephant gift exchange. (This year's hit was a snuggie, care of Lisa.)

Do you have a family tradition during the holidays?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Hello families!

Most of you know me via email or phone contact but now, you will get to know me and the CAP office via our own little blog. We are pretty darn excited! As many of you know, Children Awaiting Parents is a small office - we're tight knit and we LOVE what we do. We work very diligently to help make the longest-waiting youth in our country's foster care system visible to YOU, our amazing families.

This blog is a fusion of all adoption and CAP-related info - everything from interesting and important to funny and touching. We'll have guest bloggers and photos, tips on taxes and services - whatever we think might interest you, our families. We love to hear your comments and learn your stories - please feel free to share.

Please note that we make every attempt to ensure the material we are posting is from a credible source but we encourage you to do your own research.