Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Children Awaiting Parents was founded on the idea that visible children find homes. This is a simple concept that came to fruition in our little city of Rochester, NY and has seemed to envelope the adoption community throughout the country.

One of our youth, Davonte from Florida, recently finalized on his adoption and we are so happy to hear that it was a family that found him on our website. Woot! Woot!

Here is Davonte's photo and profile from when he was listed on our website.

Davonte is an active, personable young man. He really enjoys fishing (both fresh and salt water), swimming, playing video games and watching movies. In 8th grade,  Davonte’s favorite subjects are math and writing. ” When approached about being listed with Children Awaiting Parents, Davonte maturely interviewed his caseworker about the adoption process and what it means for him. He is excited about meeting his forever family and is open to single or married parents, and all races. He has two sisters and needs to remain in contact with them, whether that contact is by phone, internet or in person. Davonte would do well in a home with others, as well as animals. He’s an insightful young man who loves learning new things.

And here is a photo of Davonte on the day his adoption finalized.

Congratulations Davonte!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I have been thinking a lot about mentoring lately. Of course we want our children to find permanency with a family but for those children who age out of foster care - what do we do? How can we ensure they will be confident, contributing members of society? Well, if they don't have the self esteem or the knowledge on how to do this, the chances become slimmer and slimmer. A teacher or mentor who invests in our kids is crucial. It's so important for our children to realize that they are beautiful, smart beings who can do whatever they put their minds to but sometimes, they need someone there to remind them of the amazing power that is inside them.

My coworker, Lisa, sent us this amazing video. While it's specifically about teachers, I dare you to watch it and not be inspired!