Thursday, November 29, 2012


Today's guest blogger is our very own, Kate Runyan. Kate is our Marketing Specialist guru!

Hi everyone, my name is Kate and I am the Marketing Specialist at Children Awaiting Parents. If you have ever received any print or electronic communication from us, I was probably behind the design process. I came to Children Awaiting Parents (almost) right out of undergrad where I began as an intern. Turns out, I was pretty lucky to land at an organization that cares about their mission as much as their employees so I was (am) grateful to remain here part-time. I work another part-time job as well and I am finishing up my Master’s thesis at R.I.T. so my schedule here is pretty nice. And, how many twenty-something’s can say that love going into work? I am pretty lucky.

Actually, this job gets you feeling lucky a lot. I never realized how many kids are without a home. Prior to Children Awaiting Parents, I never even realized that adopting from the foster care system was an option! But, I’m only 25 and my only experience with adoption has been this little lady who INSISTS on riding on my lap in the car. Probably not safe at all, but so adorable.

Kate and Sophie
Although I don’t know about adoption on a personal level, I know about family and I feel lucky all over again because my niece Savannah is such a joy. When I was home in Elmira for Thanksgiving, my sister and I took Sav to the parade. She is still trying to figure out the whole getting your picture taken thing but she looks so cute I had to share.
Kate and her niece, Savannah
Working at Children Awaiting Parents is an incredible experience. As a group, we are passionate, diverse and innovative. We champion and advocate for all types of families while lending ourselves as an ally to kids and families. In the future, I see myself being a mentor and who knows, possibly an adoptive parent!

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