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We all know that kids need to get all that energy out and what better way to do it than skateboarding!

For the past 18 years, Krudco skateshop has been selling Rochester-area skateboarders their decks and wheels but, this afternoon, the skater-owned and run shop posted this:

It's time for the truth---
KRUDCO Skate shop is dangerously close to going out of business. I no longer work at the shop because there is no one shopping here. If you really want Krudco around then people need to start supporting with more than just words on Facebook.
There is NO skateshop in this area that has done and still does for the local community like krud does.
KRUDCO is run by skaters that LOVE skateboarding and want share with you what brings us happiness.
We believe in voting with your dollar and from what we have seen the kids and their parents don't want a shop that puts on events/mentors kids with school projects/fights in city hall/ local towns to get skateparks and a lot more.
You kids love the mall and the internet and I don't get it.
Distance might be an issue but it wasn't for the kids in the past, so why now?
I will continue to work on the Roc City park board to try and get a world class skatepark but it will be a lot more difficult with out the support of the community.
It is officially time to step up and decide.
If you choose someone else than all we can do is shut down and move on.
Thanks to everyone that has supported KRUDCO for 18 yrs. I hope it lasts longer.
I love skateboarding.
PS: Krudco knows they are not perfect and don't carry everything but stopping in with an open mind and trying can help.

The Rochester community is lucky to have such an awesome shop to support youth in doing something healthy and positive with their time. As you can read above, they love what they do and they enjoy giving back to their community. They have created events, mentored youth, and even served as a catalyst in creating what could be the country's largest skatepark right here in Rochester. And in regards to Children Awaiting Parents, they have even been so generous as to donate skateboards to our auctions, allowing us to raise money to help our youth find permanent, loving homes - something that's priceless

So here's where we need your help.

You don't need to be a Rochesterian to know that it's all about community. These are our children, our youth. This is our neighborhood. Please share this post, talk about what's going on and know that every little bit helps.

And seriously, who doesn't want that sweatshirt?

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