Thursday, February 14, 2013


So in some of my adoption internet travels, I stumbled upon this great website called Empowered to Connect. They have free online videos you can watch called, "What Every Adoptive Parent Should Know." The videos address fear, giving a voice to children, parenting strategies - just to name a few. We haven't watched all of them but the few we took a peek at seemed really informative!

Empowered to Connect also has a DVD you can purchase. The DVD consists of eight short video sessions covering some of the basics that every adoptive and foster parent needs to know.

Purchase the DVD here:

  1. Children from Hard Places
  2. Focusing on the Whole Child
  3. Looking at Ourselves to Help Our Children Heal
  4. The Impact of Fear
  5. The Importance of Giving Voice to Children
  6. Understanding Sensory Processing
  7. Parenting Strategies that Connect
  8. The IDEAL Response for Parents

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