Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Today's guest blogger is our Wendy's Wonderful Kids Recruiter, Melanie Schmidt. She'll be chatting about one of her waiting youth, Steven, a sweet young man from upstate New York.

Last week, Steven traveled 2.5 hours to come to Rochester to have his Friday’s Child video taken and to participate in a family matching event where he was able to meet and interact with families who are looking to adopt older children.

It was a long day for him; he started traveling at 12:30pm and did not get home until about 10pm! I was so impressed by Steven’s happy and positive attitude during the video and match event- two activities that can produce anxiety for children who very much want a family. Steven was not nervous at all - he seemed completely comfortable and enthusiastically interacted with every family who came to the event. He very much wants to find a family and is willing to put himself out there and work hard to meet the family that is right for him.

Photo courtesy of Studio di Luce

You can see in Steven's Friday's Child video that he hopes for a pet alligator because "they roll around and wrestle and that would be fun to do that with an alligator!" He is a friendly child who can easily start a conversation with just about anyone. He enjoys talking about his many interests like animals, movies and technology. He is looking for an active family who can have fun!

Click here to inquire on Steven through our website or to watch his other video.

Steven is only ONE of over 100,000 youth who are waiting for a permanent home. Please contact or call us at 888-835-8802 to learn more about Steven or other youth who are available and waiting...

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