Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Look at this cute story that Kate, our marketing specialist, found online. She posted last night and when I came into work this morning, the same story was all over the internet.

Photo courtesy of www.Today.com

So many of our children grow up with only a handful of photographs from their childhood. Those children who are in residential treatment facilities have even less. Veronica, our community outreach specialist, doesn't have any photos of her son Lennon as a newborn and it breaks my heart to hear stories about him having to bring in a newborn photo for a project at school. I've seen mangled photos of birth family saved in the address books of children I work with and yet they don't usually have a photo of themselves from when they were a child. And if they did, there's a great chance they'll get lost during one of the many moves they will need to make before they find permanency (if they do find permanency).

There are so many sad things about this field and if there is something that makes a child feel positive and loved and gets them to maybe even laugh a little, I think it's a beautiful thing.

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