Thursday, February 28, 2013


Today's guest blogger is our Wendy's Wonderful Kids Recruiter, Melanie Schmidt. She'll be chatting about one of her waiting youth, Cris'tiana, a horse-lover with a big heart.

Cris'tiana is a sweet, sensitive young lady who craves permanence. When I met with her last week to take this video, she was her usual bubbly, fun self. Even though she loves life and spending time with the horses at her foster home, she quickly saddens at the thought of how long she has waited to find a permanent family.
Cris'tiana enjoying her photo shoot!
She has been in foster care for far too long and sometimes feels that adoption will never happen for her. She is young at heart and would love a family that could nurture her and provide her with the love and commitment she missed out on during her childhood, while supporting her to reach her full potential.
Cris'tiana and the awesome smile she generously shares with the people in her town.
Cris'tiana rarely meets a person she doesn’t like. Taking her out to lunch in town, Cris'tiana knows many people she passes by name and it seems like everyone has a soft spot in their heart for her. She is very friendly and will start a conversation with just about anyone. She wants to please others and she loves being around small children. She hopes to work with animals or children in the future.

Click here to inquire on Cris'tiana through our website or to watch her video.

Cris'tiana is only ONE of over 100,000 youth who are waiting for a permanent home. Please contact or call us at 888-835-8802 to learn more about Cris'tiana or other youth who are available and waiting...

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